What is inquiry?

What is inquiry?

Inquiry is recognizing the I wonders, the what ifs, the maybes, and the buts. Inquiry is taking these statements deeper, and allowing the time to reflect on our practice. 

 What does it mean to me?

To me to inquire is to wonder. To wonder why I am doing something, what is my purpose to what I am doing/teaching/learning.  To inquire will help me further reflect into my own practice and understanding my intentions.

 What is the value of inquiry? Why did I join the TLTC group?

I joined the group to help me understand how I see myself as an educator.  Things have progressively changed over the past five years, and so far I have loved the ride. Now I feel that I am not fully understanding why we are using technology in the classroom.  Of course it is great to play with the new tools that are available to some of us, but I want to know if it is helping the development of the students’ knowledge as the world changes for them.  If we do not help them understand the tools or help them see that it is okay to explore and inquire, how will they succeed in their understandings of the changes.

What does it mean to the students to bring them into the inquiry? 

Bringing the students into inquiry helps model how we “keep up” with the new changes all around us.  Allowing the students to recognize that teachers also need to have the “I wonders” and “what ifs” will model the process of inquiry we want them to do in their learning of new skills; from printing letters to creating blogs. I want them to wonder; why are we dong this? What is the purpose? Formative assessment!


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