Author who has influenced me…

is Debbie Miller.  I was given her books, Reading with Meaning and Intentions for Learning, over the summer. I have read many of the chapters in her books, and have used the Reading with Meaning to help me creat my Reader’s Workshop in the class.

I was very lucky to be able to go and hear her speak this past Pro D and was inspired even more. Her approach to education is very similar to mine. I like seeing self-regulated learners in the class. In our class, the past two months have been dedicated to creating a warm and inviting classroom environment. The students have contributed to the environment in many ways over the two months.  We have created classroom routines and rules together as a community. We often solve problems that arise has a whole class and discuss ways we can solve them.

I strongly believe when the students feel like the room is their room they take more care with their actions. The have a sense of ownership and pride that soon works it way into their learning. Students now can not wait to read to me or a family member. Debbie Miller creates such a literacy based classroom it is hard not to love reading. Bringing in your own love to read is very contagious. My little grade ones are already itching to take home a novel, like the grade twos. However, we have been learning about picking just the right book. Which is a great way for the students to become great reflectors on their own development as a learner.

Debbie’s authentic approach to teaching and learning so so refreshing. I have always believed in giving students the tools to become individuals who understand and acknowledge how they learn. Many of our class discussions this week seem to keep going back to how we learn.  I had a little girl the other day say that she learns best talking it out with her group. Many students responded and agreed. This led into a wonderful discussion about collaboration, which is a word the students use all the time now! Everyday the students inspire me with how much they do. I have a feeling I will read Debbie Miller’s book every August to get me excited and prepared for each new year.


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