Now What?

So I have just completed putting my baseline portfolio together, and I am kicking myself!  I know I am someone who likes to think about things long before I actually put things together, especially when it comes to my own learning.  I have been collecting data; field notes, tape recordings, videos, course notes, notes on readings, ideas from my peers, and new articles I have found.  I have realized that  I do not have a good system in place! Yet, I have so many resources available to me.

I literally had a pile on my dining room table, staring at me everyday to put it together.  I knew I had taken and applied a lot of what I have been learning this term, but I had no idea how much until I finally sat down and looked through it all.  I had always known how my portfolio would look, I wanted it to represent my growth using the technology that was available to me but at the same time I wanted it to represent me as a learner. (Me as a learner is a little scattered!)

Looking back over it, I know I am a visual, hands on, and collaborative learner.  Looking back over my notes, I see so much I would love to add, however it seems that it just might be too much for my brain to handle.  I loved the fact that I was able to go back over and see what I was thinking and why.  It also reminded me to go back and think about things more, to try more things, and to stick with it.

A constant theme for me has always been collaboration.  In my notes, in the articles that grabbed my attention, in discussions with colleagues,and in my lesson planning.  Looking at myself I have come to see that I need to discuss what I am thinking to make something happen.  I am lucky enough to have a mentor in my school.  With the work done this term, she has helped me realize something that she has told me over and over again; I do know what I am talking about, I do have a philosophy, it is not just my gut.  I have never seen myself as someone who knows what they are doing and why, but if you asked me why I do this or do that, I could tell you. 

Looking back over our learning statements I have decided to write some for where I am now;

I have learned that I do have theory behind my practice.

I have learned to see myself as a teacher and a learner.

I have learned about the importance of recording my reflections.

Now What?


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