My Wonder of Technology in the Classroom

I have just spoken to my mentor in my school about my field study proposal.We discussed how can technology be seen as a tool in the classroom. Looking at the smart board, the technology provides a way for students with LD or have troubles reading to see things visually. The smart board provides pictures and big words to aid the students with their understanding of the lesson. However, the board is not the only tool of the lesson! I am going to give this a try with a math lesson today. I am going to watch to see how the grade twos do when I demonstrate a lesson on the board, on the carpet, and one on one.  Some of my twos are not at reading level, so this may be a great chance to see what they can achieve.


The kids loved the storyboard on the SB. They liked how we could all see it and manipulate it to solve the questions. Afterwards I sent them off in pairs to collaborate solving the remaining questions with a BLM of the same picture cut into smaller segments.

I went around and observed and talked to the kids. I paid a lot of attention to a pair who are not at reading grade level and they were on task. They were talking and discussing plus using manipulatives to help each other show what they were trying to do.

Afterwards I gathered all the students to the carpet and showed them ways to solve the equations using some of our manipulatives around the classroom. All the students enjoyed that, and the pair that started it were quite proud.

I asked the students how they liked the lesson and if they understood the concept. The students told me they liked how we started at the SB but were able to figure things out with each other. They all expecially enjoyed coming to the carpet to see other ways to solve the equation.


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