Duh…the wondering idea connects with non-fiction reading! My lightbulb moment!

Okay, this pro d I went to see Adrienne Gear’s Non-Fiction Reading Power workshop. I have been to many of her workshops,but as an intermediate teacher. Yesterday I went in with different eyes. I do a lot of the reading power activities, however I do not tend to teach the strategies a month at a time. I allow the students to take the lead on what strategies we work on. Adrienne has reminded me of all the things I have not tried yet, I am looking forward to next week!

Thinking of my field study I can see how I can take these amazing non-fiction reading strategies and have the students dive into their own wonderings. We focussed a lot on connections and questioning at the workshop, and we have also done that in class, but my students love to infer! They love the idea that they can wonder more and they do no need to be right! They like being book detectives and thinking of what they read after they read. And of course they all love to discuss what they have read and what they already know with each other. All of this has come from our hard work and determination since the fall! 

Now I have all these amazing activities I want to try with the students and some pretty amazing book titles too! It was also confirmed to me that all my intermediate picture books I have can be used with the little ones. So I am bringing out the poop books….wish me luck!

Here are a couple activities I am planning on doing next  few weeks;

What (Facts from the text)         So What? (Thoughts from my head)

Venn diagram on fiction and non fiction features – this connects with what we have already been doing in class, however I am going to make an interactive activity for the students to do….hmmmm maybe I could put that on the virtual classroom and they could work in pairs…..

Brain Pockets- I  love this! I hope the kids do too!  I love the idea of asking them what pocket did you just visit?

With Valentine’s Day coming I am planning on having them diagram a heart of their love! So cute!

Re-visit New and Knew activity….how can I make this happen in a primary classroom?

A whole class discussion on imagination vs information.

Okay, I am off to make an interactive diagram of brain pockets!


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