First time bloggers!

The class did it today! We actually blogged out first wonderings today on our classroom site. The students were so excited to start. At first I only wanted them to blog one wonder and respond to their wonder. WELL….the students took it further today. They decided to respond to each other’s blogs and had me blog back!

The next day the kids were so excited to take their passwords home to blog from home! So our next blog was about our Valentine’s Day party. A few of the students loved it! They went home and blogged right away and when we went back to read them the next morning….I found the kids were supporting each other when they could not think of things to blog! They are so cute!

This weekend’s blog is to respond to a quote we had read in a picture book we shared on Friday. They will blog how to give someone courage. What things can we do to help others gain courage. We already added it to our wonder board, so the kids were comfortable with their ideas. They all begged me to put it up on the blog for their weekend homework.

I have been reading a few of the blogs already and they are so sweet! I have noticed that many if not all have been doing this on their own. They are not worrying about their spelling and they are taking risks with typing big words. You have to remember these are grade ones and twos! The grade ones are not given passwords to take home! Well I did…don’t tell anyone!

The response I am getting from the parents is fantastic! I have spoken to a few parents and they love the idea that I am bringing wondering into their homes. They are seeing that the kids are exciting about asking questions at home, so much so that the parents have admitted to me that they say why don’t you ask Ms. Eppele that one! This gets me thinking that maybe we should get the parents involved in the research step of the wonderings!

So today I have just finished up setting up our official word press blog for the class! I will have the kids blog with me, using the smart board so they can see that I am putting down their thoughts. I have not decided on what we will blog yet. Ideas include; week summary, project summary, subject summary, a research summary into our wondering of the week, I think I will let the students decide on this.


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