Too Much to do in Such Little Time

Okay, I am in the midst of writing report cards, researching my inquiry, and going through some “things” at the school level and I am feeling like there is less and less time to do it!

I see that I am constantly thinking of my inquiry and observing the students interacting.  I have been doing a little research into Project Based Learning and see that it is something that I already implement with the students. I need to delve into the exact research some more to get a true understanding of how it works and how I am already using it in the room.

My first PBL try out will be with a research “project” on animals. I will have the students begin their first piece of non-fiction writing. I will plan to use the article “7 Essentials Project-Based Learning” written by John Larmer and John R. Mergendoller.  They have laid out the seven essential ingredients a good project needs; A Need to Know, A Driving Question, Student Voice and Choice, 21st Century Skills, Inquiry and Innovation, Feedback and Revision, and A Publicly Present Product.

My goal is to create this “project” and begin next week, however I still need to finish up my report cards…


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