Engagement of all Learners…Is this Possible?

This week the students truly amazed me! Our focus was on questioning while we read. I have put in a couple of the Little Bird Tales we did this week, but the first Little Bird Tale is my reflection of the week. I am trying to ensure I do not forget how to use the tools and I am thinking this may be a great way to collect my data.



This Tale ended up being one of the featured Tales on the site!

Here are some excerpts from the students' blogs this week?
Their Blog was on why do good readers ask questions;
Please note we are also learning how to comment to each other, so the spacing of words is a little strange! The students are asked to leave their name when they comment on a fellow student's blog.

Alvin wrote;
It helps you understand the book
I like your idea.archie
Good job.adam

He also wrote;
It helps you know what is going to happin next
Justin I agrre Alvin!

adam I agree

Adam wrote;
Asking questions helps us understand the story better. And to learn new words.
logan cool
alvin good job
Nica- That is right!
good job emme a goodjob from.....................

HeeJae wrote;
becose it help you think in your brain.

supr Heejae patrick

Another student wrote;
Asking question's, help's us make conection's and infer,and understand setensis.

good job emma a

Emily wrote;
Asking questions helps us read because if there was one picture and no word's and you asked a lot of questins you could maybe find out what it means.

good job emma a

Luke wrote;
asking questions hleps you find out more about the story

So is the engagement of all learners possible? This week I really do believe it. During our collaboration time this week the teachers are thinking of our new APL goal for next year. I have heard many of the teachers discuss how to get the students engaged in their own work, to me it should be their own learning. how do we get the students excited and interested in how and what they learn?
All the students this week were truly engaged in what we did in class this week. I have a wonderful student teacher right now, and I was able to have a moment to sit back and observe the students as they were working collaborating on their wonderful and insightful conversations. They were all excited! We had a leprechaun visit and leave a mess in our class this week, so with the student teacher the kids created traps. As they were working on them, I decided to create a Little Bird Tale. The kids presented and explained their traps to the class and then I had them do it again into the microphone. We then shared it with our Buddy class while we created leprechaun for the hallway. The students set up their traps at the end of the day and now I have to go and find some little leprechauns to trap! Any ideas where to find a couple?


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