Sharing our Wonderings

Today we decided to try something a little different. We tried to teach another class about wondering! I decided to show the students a short clip of the Seven Wonders of the World, At first we discussed what it means to wonder and why we have found out why we do it.
While watching the 3-4 minute clip, I realized that there was no way I could keep my students quiet! The began to wonder with each other immediately! It was so awesome, then I noticed the other class. They were confused and not aware what was going on. So I stopped the clip every thirty seconds to discuss what wonders we were having at that moment.
Afterwards, we all found a quiet place to wonder about three wonders we have and would love to find out about. Again, my students wanted to discuss it with their peers. I then had the kids write down their wonders, which proved difficult for some. We then formed circle and shared our wonders. We decided to ask if anyone knew the answers to each of our wonders. It was here where I realized a safe environment is key to wonderers! Many of the new students were not sure if their wonders counted as wonders, soon some realized that yes, they were allowed to wonder aloud.
I must point out when we shared I had separated the groups. My twos stayed with the student teachers while I took the grade ones. I was hoping to have my grade ones guide the new grade ones into their wonderings, it did not work out too well with some.
We then put all our wonderers on chart paper and created a poem, with illustrations. It looks great and the students were left wondering all day. With my class their log topic was their wonders. Reading through them today was so much fun! Some even added to the wonders with their own thoughts!
Today we also did a read aloud to a wordless book. Afterwards I told the students they were going to write a wordless book. They were so excited, especially those students with poor written output. The stories were fantastic and again they all couldn’t wait to read their stories to one another and to me. Some are not quite finished, but wow! They were taking so much time and care with their work. The best part of this lesson…when the kids came back from library…guess what books they signed out?? Yes, wordless books and they want to read them to the class.


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