Field Study Summary…ugh!

Okay,I have to admit I was not looking forward to doing this all week! I thought what do I have to share? Where am I going to find this and where did I put that! However, once I sat down and decided what I wanted to include in the summary it went smoother than I anticipated. I mean the inquiry is essentially about me as an educator. What I take and use from it is what I value and it is not up to someone to “mark it.”

The best moment for me was when I had to find and go through all the “stuff” I have collected and documented. All I have to say is I love Evernote, WordPress, and Livebinders. I am so happy I started using these three tools, they have saved my brain from exploding! I have found that I still need to work on how I am organizing my data (is that coding?). But I do feel that I have been productive in this field study. I have been more on top of things and I have definitely been more aware of it during the school day. I think that all has to do with our class blog, which the parents love and it keeps me in check as well. I now know when we did things and at times even post the evidence in the blog.

For a little sap, but it is the truth;
I have found the summary very helpful. I am looking forward to collaborating and listening to my mentor group. I have been incredibly inspired by all the wonderful educators in our co-hort. Our classes leave me wondering and looking forward to the next time. I have been feeling very disheartened at my school, so going to class each Monday helps me get excited about what we all do each and every day.


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