What have I learned today?

Well, I have learned that my brain is having a difficult time getting back into school work.  Today’s class was a great way to get back into the whole learning thing! Thanks, Gina. It has been a great class. I was able to take a lot away from today’s class. I really enjoyed the introduction part of the day; we were asked to think of an adjective that describes as well as starts with the same letter as our first initial. This activity is something I will be doing in the classroom this September.

The articles discussed today really had me thinking.  Larry Cuban’s blogs had me giggling, just thinking how far we have come in the use of technology not only with ourselves, but also with our teaching.  The biggest thing that stuck out to me was how Cuban talked about access, and how only many of us our still using traditional teaching strategies regardless of the amount of technology access we have at home and at school. One person, here in class, made the observation that sure some of us are using technology more however we are still delivering it in the traditional way. That I think was a an aha moment for me! There have been many days in the classroom where I struggle with being in front of the class using the smart board. I try different strategies to get myself away from the front of the class when using the smart board. At times, it is easy however other times I am kicking myself for being at the front. My way of teaching in the classroom is that you can’t see me in the classroom. The classroom and all participants are engaged with one another, learning and teaching together.

I loved Pahl and Rowsell’s Chapter One, from “The New Literacies Studies and Teaching Literacy.”  I liked the activities it encourages us to do as educators. Many of the activities  I would like to do in the classroom around the new age of literacy. One of the biggest things I am planning on doing is asking the students; how do your students view the internet? I would really like to see how the students perceive the internet and how they use it.  The ideas of domains was a great way for me to understand the new literacy development.  In our group today, we started to discuss what literacy means. I have started to really see literacy as communication. The group discussion was a great way to hear others’ ideas and thoughts. It was a great way to open up the ideas in my brain around literacy. I am looking forward to reading more from Pahl and Rowsell.



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