Its Multiliteracies…

    While discussing Pahl and Roswells, Chapter Two “Multimodal Literacies:New Ways of Reading and Writing,” with my group this book popped into my head. We were discussing the idea of using pictures books in lessons and how we do use them in the class. At first we were questioning what came first; the new detailed non-fiction picture books or the internet? I kept thinking to of the many Reading Power Workshops I have gone to over the year, about reading non-fiction. I couldn’t help but think that all the non-fiction reading strategies we teach the students can be used with the internet. That was my duh! moment! Why on earth did I not see the connection before?

   I am thinking about the fake internet sites, that Taryn had given us; and

   I see that we can use all these new technologies with the students, but we first need to be looking at the how and why of using them. We need to me able to teach students how to use the different modes of literacies, and how to use them effectivley. But first we need to learn first, or do we? I would like to see the students bring in new modes to the class, to teach us what they know.

   Having the students bring in artifacts, similar to what we have been doing, and share with the class who they are. The students are able to bring in their different domains of learning into the class. It is a great way for me to gain a better perspective on how each individual learns and about who they are as individuals.

   I am starting to think about how to adopt learning multiliteracies lessons into my classroom this September. It would be great to see what the students think of their literacy world.  What insights will they provide me in understanding the theory behind multiliteracies. Will it make them more aware of the different modes of literacies and identify their own literacy domains.  Hmmmmm….now I am actually looking forward to September!


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