Multiliteracies and My Brain

   Okay, so today my brain proved itself to me.  After reading “A Pedagogy of Multiliteracies; Designing Social Futures, last night I truly believed I was not understanding what it was trying to tell me. In class today, after discussing the article with my amazing group, you know who you are, I began to connect the dots or in regards to the article the multiliteracies!

  Since I know how my brain works, I have decided to blog a couple of diagrams of how I see the theory behind multiliteracies, which I might add is not in my spell check!  So forgive me if I misspell it.

Six major Areas of Designs when Thinking of Multiliteracies;






Multimodal – is the tying together of each design and their relationships

Here is another great way for me to understand;

From the Peel District Site

Types of Mutliple Literacies
computer literacies -software
web literacies -interenet
digitial literacy – cells, emails, msn
visual  literacy – graphics, text, TV
audiotory literacy – radio, conversing
home  literacy – routines and chores
community literacy – bus schedules
social  literacy – manners and etiquettes
work literacy – procedures, routines
curriculum literacy – school subjects
Reading through this I can’t help but think this is something we, as educators are already trying to do. We strive to reach all the diverse learners in our classroom. Multiliteracies, to e is attaching a name to the designs we use to reach the learners in our classroom.


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