Curriculum 21

   What does this mean? Thinking about the new curriculum that needs to be implemented many of us, thought well of course it needs to be implemented. Many of us are trying to understand the 21st century learning skills, but this to me is taking it further. It makes me wonder if we have it in the curriculum will more teachers would learn and teach more of the skills needed in this shift in our learning culture.

     There was a comment in the article that mentioned that students are waiting for teachers and curriculum to catch up. (pg 211 Frank Baker)  We as educators need to adapt our practices in the classroom in the wake of the new literacies that are arising now and in the future. Once again ensuring that our students have the skills and understanding of learning to learn. The student is able to develop their skills as change continues to happens.

    The Feedback Loop in the David Niguidula’s article on e-portfolios made it simple for me in the diagram he provides. I created the same diagram here;


The e-portfolios do not only provide the teacher with and idea of the student’s learning, but it also provides the teacher feedback on their practice, assignment designs, and participation.  The teacher can reflect on what their practice and change their curriculum map. (Another term that is new to me and I love!)

I would like to leave this blog with a quote from the article “21st Century Literacies”.

“As new technologies shape literacies, they bring opportunities for teachers at all levels to foster reading and writing in more diverse and participatory contexts.” pg.2

I need to be more reflective on my own practice to understand what 21st strategies am I already using and understanding more on the why I am using them. I know I am direct with the students in the skills I teach them, I tell them the what, the why, and the how.  Now I need to recognize the how in order for me to add to my field study.


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