Getting the Blogs Rolling

Okay, so I have been really trying to get the students into blogging. I have to admit I am finally seeing some improvements in their blog writing. Something I have observed with the kids is the ownership they have over their writing and the excitement that arises when they see that someone has commented on their post.  I am seeing how much an authentic audience helps encourage more thoughtful writing and at the same time I have seen how some students need to work on their “thoughtful comments” to each other.

I have been reading William Kist’s book, The Socially Networked Classroom;

It is full of in class activities around the New Literacies, many of these activities I can see doing in my classroom next week. I am going to try the Snowball Activity on pg 37 to create some discussion around comments to each other. I would like the students to come up with the dialogue on what makes a comment a good comments and what makes a comment a bad comment.  How can we make our comments meaningful to the writer?

Here are two blogs from two different students in my class on Remembrance Day and  comments left from other students. One student uses words and another uses images.

Naiya\’s Blog     and      Kai\’s Blog

Here is one, where I can see how the subject can engage the writer. A beautiful piece of writing Sohpia\’s Blog

I can see how that students are improving in their blog posts by simply going back and reading when we started. I think I may want them to write a few more posts and go back and read over them. I would like to know their thoughts on their development.

I can not put Kist’s book down, for it has me even thinking how my blogging techniques need to be worked on. How am I coming across in my blogs, are my blogs too long, to short, too all over the place?  This learning adventure I have my students taking with me is a wild one with ups and downs. I am quickly seeing that this Personal Learning Project on blogging is guiding me to my next field study.


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