TPACK and Making the Connection

Whew, I just finished reading the article on TPACK,   and I at first I was a little confused but then I related to a lot of it. Teaching, while integrating technology into your practice is a tough task to do. Making it more difficult is not having ownership and faith in how and why you teach; integrating technology can be even a greater task to take on.

Even before entering the program I was struggling with the concepts of why, when, how, and where was I going to implement technology into my practice. I am not a computer whiz my any means, but I have seen the engagement that comes along when implementing technology into lessons. I have seen the students engaged in their learning and more importantly their confidence in their learning.  I have seen how students collaborate with one another over one screen or a few ideas to create one project they are all proud of.  I have seen how integrating technology into my practice can bring enjoyment into the students’ learning and my teaching.

I like how in the article it states that yes, teaching with technology is no easy task but it reminds us that we need to look in how we can do this my looking into what we need to teach and what our beliefs and philosophy is around our practice.  It states that we need to understand the relationship between a) the teachers’ thought process and knowledge and b) teachers’ actions and their observable 67 And with the idea of TPACK we use this study of the relationship however we need to add one thing to the knowledge teachers need to acquire, the knowledge of technology.

As educators we need gain a better understanding of how we can integrate technology into our practice. However, we also need to understand how it can be integrated into our pedagogy as well.


At first the diagram had me baffled. Once I started reading through the article and the website, I began to see that it really is not that baffling. It really is the core if why I decided to take the TLTC course. I want to know how technology can be used in my practice. How is connects to my pedagogy, to what I already know about technology and to the ever changing content that I am required to teach.

I had a little aha moment when reading the section my group will be focusing on, Technological Content Knowledge (TCK).  I gave an example on how one can integrate technology into a geometry lesson. Something clicked in my brain, and I realized that TPACK is bringing all that I have been struggling with over the year and a half into perspective.  We do no only need to understand how to use the technology, we need to understand it, understand how it relates to content areas, how it connects with our own teaching philosophy, but we also need to ensure that we fully understand how the new literacy skills are changing how we teach and what we teach.  When I saw the word play in the geometry lesson example, what do you think I thought of? Of course the one article I seem to be guided to more often, Henry Jenkins, “Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture: Media Education for the 21st Century.” Better known as Jenkins White Paper.


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