The Power of Modeling Blogging and Commenting

I am continuing to feel excited and inspired by my ever growing PLN/PLC. Today I was reviewing my students reading responses they did on another classes Harris Burdick stories. As I was reading through them, I noticed a lot of University of Alabama education students commenting on my students’ blogs. I have to admit I was a little leery, so I looked into the comments and the students a little more closely and saw that our class blogs were assigned by their professor teaching EDUC 310. The university students were asked to comment on the blogs, and I have seen that the comments are thoughtful and fantastic examples of good comments. Our class is currently working on developing our know how on creating a good and thoughtful comment to blogs. The comments left by the university students have provided my students with some wonderful models. I have already seen the results of having the models available for my students to see. The students have become more engaged with what they are reading and are creating some wonderful comments that have left me thinking! I do need to comment on the fact that Twitter has played a huge part in my learning this week. I have seen just how powerful Twitter can be and I have been sharing what I have learned with my class. My confidence in teaching writing has continued to grow, as I see my students’ confidence blossom. I truly believe that having the support, especially from around the world has not only inspired me but has gotten me much more excited about how I use writing in my practice.


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