How do I Integrate Technology into my Practice? More Like How will I Continue?

So I have been asked to be interviewed on how I integrate technology into my classroom. I have to admit, at first I was a little freaked out. I started thinking I had to come up with these amazing things I have the students do. I do have the students doing some pretty amazing things using 21st century skills, but to me nothing earth shattering.

I took some time to think about what the question; how I integrate technology into the classroom?  I automatically started going through all the activities we do as a class, but I wanted to go deeper than that. I want to show how technology has integrated itself into my practice. Technology is not simply added to the lessons; it is a part of the lessons. Technology is not a part of my practice; it is a part of who I am as an educator.


Once again, I am brought back to TPACK. I recognize that many people do not know or are hesitant about integrating technology into the classroom. I am beginning to see that we need to be sharing with our learning community on what TPACK really involves. I am only beginning to see how in depth TPACK can be to our practice. I am beginning to see that our district is in need of a TPACK support group.


I feel that after our co-hort is finished, which I have to admit it is already beginning to feel that way, our support and encouragement will be gone. How can we ensure that we will continue our development of TPACK in our practice, if our support group is not there? I value the time spent discussing issues around technology integration in the classroom. I felt inspired to try new things; I felt that if I had questions I knew where to find the answers.


I get the whole PLN thing. In fact I really appreciate that I was given the chance to actually develop one. I do not think I would have had the opportunity if it was not for our co-hort. I do not feel that my PLN online will be as supportive and inspiring as our Monday night classes. I believe we need to create some kind of support system at the district level, not a learning team, but some sort of place where educators can go to share, inspire, collaborate, and problem solve as we dig deeper into this new century of learning.


One thought on “How do I Integrate Technology into my Practice? More Like How will I Continue?

  1. Hi Ms. Eppele, my name is James Gill. I am the Educational Technology Coordinator for SD43. I was curious about what you envision about building a place for educators to build, share and collaborate together. But, it is not a learning team. What do you think a place like that would look like? If you would like to have a conversation about this, and I hope you would, please email me. My SD43 email is “jgill”.

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