Am I in the Same Place?


Have things changed for me? Am I still hoping for the same thing? Here is an excerpt from a blog I wrote during our last strike.

“The biggest reason why I became a teacher is the kids. My hope is to encourage students to want to learn, to ignite their learning passion, to understand themselves as learners. Listening to the students discuss their thoughts and feelings encourages me to stand up for what I believe in. I look at each of my students and I see them, I understand them, and I hear them. I only hope that I can continue to make those connections, build those relationships, and hear each student.” June 2014

I believe I will always be here, however now I am thinking bigger. I have been reading “The Innovator’s Mindset,” by George Couros and I have to say I am feeling inspired and excited about my new journey into my own practice. One thing that stuck out for me in what Couros says is the difference between the classroom teacher and the school teacher.

A classroom teacher is the the teacher who does all they can to be there to inspire the students. To empower them to do well, to connect with the students. The teacher that has a community within their classroom, where the kids feel safe to take risks and try things out. To find their passion.

A school teacher does all of the above, but sees and recognizes all students of the school community. They help to define and develop a school culture throughout the building. They see and hear all students. This is what I strive for, I want to find ways where I can become an “innovator leader” in the school. To help empower all learners.


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