Reflection on Vicky Kelly’s “Finding Face, Finding Heart, and Finding Foundation.”

Kelly, Vicky (2010). Finding face, finding heart, and finding foundation: Life writing and
the transformation of educational practice. Transnational Curriculum Inquiry 7(2).


When I first say this article, I thought it would be something completely different. I wondered if it would be how we, as educators, can change our curriculum and practice. As I started to read I became moved at how honest and forthcoming Kelly was in her reflection of her pivotal life moments. I appreciated how descriptive her language was and how she was able to transport me into her stories.

I love to learn through stories. I love to develop understandings of new things through story. I often will use picture books fiction and non-fiction to transport my students in their learning to understand new concepts and ideas. I have noticed in my practice there are moments in a lesson where I will stop and tell the students of a connection I have with topic we are learning, and I will share a story of who I am.

Reading Kelly’s article I realized that when I tell stories, I am showing vulnerability to my students, I am demonstrating trust, and I am sharing a part of me with them. I have noticed when I do tell stories the students remember and bring them up often. I wonder how I can incorporate my students story telling in more of their learning. The re-designed curriculum is a great jumping board for us to plan.

The stories of ourselves is rooted in the curriculum, we have opportunity to encourage our students to share and connect through stories. We have the ability to connect the content and curricular competencies through story telling whatever the subject. I am inspired to by Kelly’s stories.

Another connection I am having with Kelly’s article is to Dr. Martin Brokenleg’s Circle of Courage. Belonging: Being seen (Finding Face), Independence: My Creation Story (Finding Heart)., Mastery and Generosity: Communion with the Creator (Finding Foundation). I am inspired to read more of Kelly’s articles, to see if I can able to gain a deeper understanding to our First People’s Learning Principles.


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